Conventional Domed Disc (CDD)

A versatile forward acting disc offering an economic solution for many chemical processing applications.

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The Conventional Domed disc is a solid metal domed disc, available in Stainless Steel as standard, with Nickel, Inconel and others available on request.

With sizes from 3mm to 800mm (1/8” to 32”), the disc offers with widest burst pressure range of any forward acting disc, from 0.5 barg to 1,400 barg (7.25 psig to 20,305 psig). It can be manufactured with back pressure support for vacuum conditions, and requires no additional vacuum support above burst pressures of 30 barg (435 psig).

The range of materials and burst pressures the disc offers makes it a versatile product suitable for a wide range of operating environments. As such, it is often an economic solution for many applications.

The Conventional Domed disc is installed into our forward rupture disc holder and is fitted for use with our re-usable Flo-Tel burst detection system as standard.

Key features

  • 5%tolerance
  • Up to 85% operating ratio
  • Manufactured to ISO4126 or ASME VIII, depending on customer requirements (UD stamp available)
  • May fragment on burst
  • Available with protective linings if requested
  • Excellent life cycle
  • No vacuum support required above burst pressures of 30 barg
  • Suitable for liquid, gas and vapour applications
  • Compatible with reusable burst detection systems Flo-Tel™ and Flo-Tel™ XD

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