Standard Forward Acting Rupture Disc (STD)

The OsecoElfab Standard is a forward acting rupture disc commonly used in high-pressure, small-diameter applications

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The Oseco STD or Standard is a forward acting rupture disc designed for a broad range of performance applications. The STD is commonly used in high pressure, small diameter, applications to vent pressure to controlled areas or to the atmosphere.

  • Size Range: 1/2"- 24" DN12-DN 600
  • Service Type: Gas & Liquid
  • Operating Ratio: 70%

We can offer the STD disc with an electropolished finish for use in sterile environments such as autoclaves and sterilizers. These discs are available in a wide variety of sizes, pressures, and materials.  

  • Sizes 3/16” through 1”
  • 145 through 50,000 PSIG
  • Temperatures up to 900F

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